Retirement Coaching Canada

FAQ- About Retirement

Is 60 really the new 50?

A. In some ways yes and Health is the new Well-th! Baby Boomers are set to be the healthiest, wealthiest, best educated retirees in all history! According to Anthropologist  Catherine Bateson (daughter of Margaret Mead) we are experiencing a Longevity Revolution!

Why would I benefit from developing  a Personal Retirement Vision or Plan? I am simply going to sleep-in, travel a bit and play a lot of golf.

A. Many Boomers have a plan for the first 2-3 years of Retirement, often called the “Honeymoon Stage”, however, without a well thought out Retirement Vision, the novelty of this soon wears off and they find themselves in a slump, often in front of the TV or computer for 5-6 hours a day!

How will Retirement affect my Relationship with my spouse or partner?

A. Retirement typically has a significant impact on Relationships of all kinds (adult children, grandchildren, aging parents) but most importantly on spousal and partner relations. “Grey Divorces” are on the rise. Start planning together now; share your ideas, dreams and concerns. Make room for the “me”, “you”, and “us” aspects of your relationship.

Create a foundation of mutual respect, support, and reciprocity!

What are the advantages of relocating sooner rather than later? 

A. As we age we often become less adaptable and it takes us longer to adjust to a new home and new community. Having said that, Boomers are flocking to popular retirement areas and these places can feel like a college campus during Frosh Week. There is a welcoming spirit of shared anticipation, an openness to new friendships and an expansion of new interest groups. I’m not talking about planned retirement communities, just some of the cities and towns favored by retirees.

How do I begin to develop my Retirement Vision

A.  Step back and take a wide view of your life. Consider the people that especially matter to you, your skills, what you love to do, what lifts you up , what you value most and what you need. This is not a life stage to lean heavily into delayed gratification, this is Bucket List Time ! Hopefully you will thrive for 30 or more years but at this stage most people are aware that time is marching on and that they don’t want to be caught with their deepest dreams left unrealized. Using one’s skill base to “Give Back” figures into many successful Retirement Plans.