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Interview with Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick 1-of-3

Rob Carrick and Kate Dack discuss factors other than money that affect retirement:

– Why it is important to consider how you’ll spend retirement?
– What happens if you don’t think about how you’ll spend retirement?

Interview with Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick 2-of-3

Rob Carrick discusses the rising rate of divorce for seniors and retirees with Kate Dack:

– Why are divorce rates rising in this age category?
– When should spouses discuss their retirement vision?
– Are people happier after they divorce?

Interview with Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick 3-of-3

Rob Carrick and Kate discuss relocating in retirement:

– What are things to consider before you decide to move?
– When is the best time to relocate?
– How important is to be close to family when you retire?

CBC Radio: Alberta at Noon

Kate Dack joins CBC Radio’s Donna McElligott and speaks with callers about what age most people give up working and how to make the most of the time. (Interview begins at 26:05)

CBC Radio: Maritime Noon

Kate Dack speaks to CBC Radio’s Norma Lee MacLeod and answers caller’s questions about retirement. (Interview begins at 13:45)

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