Retirement Coaching Canada


“I attended Kate’s series of seminars focused on retirement preparation and found them to be exceptionally helpful. Kate does a wonderful job of presenting useful and relevant material while also drawing insightful discussion from members of the class. She creates a climate that is conducive to personal exploration and group cohesiveness. I found the experience to be fun and enlightening. I have come away with a much clearer conception of how I want to approach retirement and a much more positive, hopeful attitude towards this new reality. I would highly recommend Kate’s workshops to anyone who is approaching or merely contemplating retirement.”
– F. Ferguson, Seminar Participant

“Kate is a skilled facilitator, highly knowledgeable, energetic, and always inspiring.”
– J. Spranston, Oak Bay, BC

“Kate’s engaging manner blends humor and sensitivity and encourages participants towards self-reflection and exploration.”
-J.L., University of Victoria, BC

“Kate is a wonderful presenter, easy to listen to, to talk with, and to be around.”
-Corporate Participant, Calgary, AB

“The Seminar Series was very comprehensive and interactive. A real inspiration!”
-University of Victoria Participant