Retirement Coaching Canada

FAQ- Corporate and Group Seminars

How many individuals can be accommodated in a corporate seminar?

A.Generally 15-25 (we encourage spouses and partners to attend). If you would like to explore the possibility of a larger group seminar please contact us.

How long are the seminars and what do they cost?

Lunch and Learns (1 hour): $250
Half-Day Seminars: $1500
One Day Seminar: $2200
Two Day Seminar: $4200

How do I justify this expense to my committee or Board of Directors?

A. Preparing  for Retirement has always scored high on the basic stress measurement indicators. Employees at this stage of their career or work life can be at risk for anxiety, low grade depression, weakened immune symptoms and a host of stress related diseases. This can result in a reduction of workplace focus, performance and productivity.

An employee prepared for their own retirement is more likely to help their employers with succession planning, timing, and training.

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